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Add CPAs to your Mortgage Lead Referral Network

Commercial Mortgage
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April 1, 2014

Tax professionals are valuable referral sources in today’s commercial mortgage market. All over the country, there are CPAs preparing potential borrowers’ tax returns, and they know exactly which clients are non-bankable and will need to turn to alternative sources for small commercial mortgages. If you’re a mortgage broker who currently works with, or is interested in working with, non-bankable borrowers, it’s a great idea to develop relationships with CPAs. Here’s how you can:

  • Use your existing client base. The professionals with whom you’re currently doing business are a valuable asset when searching out CPAs. Ask current clients and referral sources who their tax professionals are. If they don’t have one, save their contact information to share with future CPA sources.
  • Utilize existing materials to get this information from prospective and future clients. When you’re collecting information during the beginning of the mortgage process, ask your potential borrowers for the name and number of their accountant. A lot of mortgage software has a field for this information, and if you’re still using forms, simply add a line for tax professionals.
  • Learn more about accounting and CPA organizations. You can check with your local Chamber of Commerce for state and local associations so that you can make contact with accountants in your area.
  • If you can, attend CPA and tax professional trade shows. You’ll have access to many potential referral sources at these events. However, follow-up is crucial after attending a trade show, since you probably won’t be able to provide each accountant with a lot of attention and information at the event.

Once you’ve made contact with CPAs you’d like to work with, it’s important to plan out how you’re going to sell yourself as a mortgage broker. You need to let them know that you offer products that will be valuable to their clients and show that you are responsive, competent and trustworthy. Once you have proven yourself a valuable business resource, CPAs can help you to bring in more quality mortgage leads, close more mortgages and increase your income.


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