Commercial Mortgage FAQ

I cannot obtain bank financing because the requested loan amount is too small. Can Apex Commercial Capital help?

Yes. We are happy to consider mortgage requests as low as $50,000 and as large as $1.5 million.

My credit is not perfect. Can Apex Commercial Capital help me?

Yes. Past credit history is very important to a final loan decision, but Apex Commercial Capital understands that small business owners may not have perfect credit and we’re willing to look at lower credit scores. We take into consideration all aspects of the loan request and listen to each client’s story to qualify them.

Can I use my Apex Commercial Capital loan to pay taxes?

Yes. Unlike conventional lenders, we understand there are many reasons why someone may need a loan for taxes. Many borrowers have used their Apex loan to bring their taxes current.

Will my property qualify for a loan with Apex Commercial?

Apex Commercial Capital can make loans on almost all commercial property types.

How long will it take to close a commercial mortgage with Apex Commercial?

Apex Commercial Capital is committed to reviewing each deal as quickly and thoroughly as possible. Because we look beyond the numbers, some scenarios take more time than others, but our goal is to close each deal fast for our borrowers.

The bank wouldn’t approve my commercial mortgage. Can Apex help?

Yes. Apex Commercial Capital specializes in financing commercial property and equipment for non-bankable clients. We understand your unique needs and take a common sense approach to approving the requests we receive. We review all the relevant information about you and your scenario to determine if we can offer a financial solution rather than viewing you as simply a credit score. We are helping small business owners and commercial property investors who have been turned down by their banks every day.

What do I need to submit for Apex Commercial to review a commercial mortgage request?

There are two easy ways to find out how Apex Commercial can help you. First, you can submit your deal – answer a few simple questions and one of our account executives will call you to discuss your request.

Or, you can call 800-262-APEX (2739) and ask to speak to an account executive. We’ll need about 15 minutes to learn the basics and let you know how we can help

Equipment Finance FAQ

I am an equipment seller. How do you send payments to vendors?

We can send payments to vendors by check, wire, or ACH. We encourage our vendors to use ACH or wire.

I am an equipment seller. Can you prefund a deal?

Yes. Apex Commercial Capital offers 100% prefunding to qualified vendors.

What else can I finance besides my equipment?

You can bundle in additional costs like installation, extended warranty, and delivery as part of your total equipment cost when you finance with Apex Commercial Capital.

How long does it take to get financing from Apex Commercial Capital?

Once you apply, Apex will usually notify you or your dealer of your approval in under 2 hours.

What are your qualifications for approval?

Apex Commercial Capital has programs available for a variety of credit types including well-established businesses and as start-up companies.

What do I need to apply?

Apex Commercial Capital's online application is simple and allows you to apply for equipment financing quickly. For companies in business for fewer than five years, w encourage you to provide the owner’s name and social security number for credit review.

Who can apply?

All types of businesses are eligible to apply for financing with Apex Commercial Capital. Our customers include established companies, sole proprietors, new business, limited liability companies, and start up organizations.

What should I do if I don’t get an invoice and my payment is almost due?

Apex Commercial Capital strives to make paying your bill as simple as possible. However, there are circumstances which are out of our control. If you don’t receive an invoice, please call 800-262-APEX to speak to a customer service rep. Or, if you have your account number, you can go to the Equipment Finance section of the website and make a payment online.

Why am I receiving an invoice?

There are two possible reasons you have received an invoice. We send invoices as a monthly courtesy to remind you that your payment is due, and for informational purposes (if your monthly payment is set to be automatically deducted from your account).