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Apex Commercial Capital Competitive Advantages – Empowering Brokers for Unparalleled Success

Commercial Mortgage
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November 1, 2023

Apex Commercial Capital stands out as the unrivaled partner for mortgage brokers seeking a competitive edge in the industry – with our unwavering support and unmatched resources. We understand the unique challenges mortgage brokers face in today's extremely competitive market.

Here are eight outstanding advantages Apex CommercialCapital offers the mortgage brokers we work with – advantages that empower your success and help you exceed your client’s expectations.

1. You have a partner who will protect your interests. At Apex Commercial Capital, we’re committed to supporting our broker partners and commercial mortgage borrowers in every way possible. Apex approaches each commercial mortgage request with our brokers’ and borrowers’ best interests in mind and is committed to providing an excellent experience.

2. You have dedicated Account Executives –Your Trusted Advisors. We take pride in offering dedicated account executives who go above and beyond to be your trusted advisors and partners every step of the way. Our account executives possess the industry knowledge and expertise to provide valuable insights and recommendations throughout the loan process.

3. Your client’s story matters to us. We understand that your client is more than a credit score – we consider all the relevant financial information when reviewing a loan request, looking beyond the numbers to understand each borrower's situation in determining how we can best work together to achieve them. What’s more, we understand the unique needs of non-bankable small business owners. Our underwriters will listen to your client’s story and help them obtain the commercial mortgage that will help them achieve their business objectives.

4. You have more choices – your borrowers have more options. At Apex Commercial Capital, we have an extensive and diverse product portfolio. We get it, commercial mortgage brokers often face a frustrating lack of options if their borrowers don’t qualify for traditional financing. Working with us, you have access to a wide range of loan options that can meet your client’s unique needs.

5. You Can Count on Our Competitive InterestRates. We continuously monitor market trends and diligently fine-tune our interest rates to offer brokers highly competitive rates. These favorable loan terms enable you to secure the best deals for your clients. And that goes beyond just closing one loan – it plants the seeds of trust that can be the foundation of a lasting relationship, generating repeat business opportunities.

6. You have less paperwork because we handle all the processing. At Apex Commercial Capital, we prioritize efficiency and simplicity throughout the loan application process. Our streamlined process ensures that brokers and their clients enjoy a simplified, effortless experience from start to finish. With assistance from trusted industry experts, brokers can effortlessly submit loan applications, request timely updates, and effortlessly track the progress of their loans. Our processing team will order the appraisal and title, work through any issues with your borrower, and schedule the closing. You close the deal – we take care of the rest.

7. You need things turned around fast – so that’s what we deliver. Toooften, brokers are left hanging as a mortgage company or bank spends daysreviewing a mortgage request, only to be told they can’t finance it. If you’reworking with a non-bankable client who needs funding quickly, you’ll want toknow their mortgage request will be approved as soon as possible. ApexCommercial Capital can generally approve loan requests within 24-48 hours, and our loans usually close within2-3 weeks of approval.

8. Continuous Training and Professional Development. As part of our commitment to empowering mortgage brokers, we place immense value on continuous training and professional development. We offer ongoing training programs, ensuring that you stay at the forefront of industry trends, regulations, and best practices. As your partner, we’re investing in your professional growth, enabling you to differentiate yourself in a fiercely competitive market and helping you attract more clients.

Apex Commercial Capital’s competitive advantages can be the key to maximizing your success. With our extensive and diverse product portfolio, competitive interest rates, streamlined loan application process, dedicated account executives, and commitment to continuous training, we empower you to achieve extraordinary success. Partner with Apex Commercial Capital today and experience firsthand the unparalleled advantages we offer. Contact us now to make the most of these advantages and gain a valuable edge that will benefit you and your clients.

Apex Commercial Capital is a full-service lender focused on providing commercial mortgages and equipment financing to small businesses. We understand that our business depends on the success of our broker partners. Call (800) 262-APEX today to talk with our team about all the ways we can streamline your loan processing, increase client satisfaction, and help you maximize the number of loans you close.


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