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August Resolution: Explore Your Digital Marketing Options for Commercial Mortgages

Commercial Mortgage
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August 16, 2016

While traditional marketing such as print, radio and television ads are still great marketing tools, commercial mortgage brokers have more promotional options than ever before. Many of these new options are digital and more cost-effective than traditional advertising.

While they may not be a replacement, the following methods are a great way to supplement your marketing and extend your reach to potential borrowers and referral sources:

Email marketing:

A great way to consistently remind potential borrowers and referral sources of your services it to send out email blasts. Whether you choose to do this daily, weekly or monthly is up to you, but it’s important to set a schedule and stick with it. Your emails can include news about the commercial mortgage industry, deals you’ve recently closed or information about your products and promotions.

Video marketing:

Increasingly, all kinds of companies are turning to video marketing in an effort to engage customers. Videos are a very cost effective marketing tool if you’re able to produce them in-house, but there are also companies who specialize in creating video content for business. Commercial mortgage brokers can use this medium to explain the process of acquiring a commercial mortgage, discuss recent closings or tell borrowers and referral sources about the benefits of working with a broker.

Social media marketing:

Utilizing platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to connect and engage with potential borrowers and referral sources is one of the best marketing strategies commercial mortgage brokers can adopt. Social media is a powerful promotional tool with enormous reach. Take advantage of this medium to promote your website, videos, blogs and other marketing materials.

Commercial mortgage brokers now have many marketing options to choose from, and digital marketing through email, video and social media allow brokers to reach borrowers and referral sources in greater numbers. Taking the time to research these options and to incorporate them into your overall marketing strategy is a great way to draw in new commercial mortgage leads and increase your business.


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