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Building Partnerships as a Commercial Mortgage Broker

Commercial Mortgage
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January 14, 2021

As a commercial mortgage broker, one of the most important aspects of your job is to build good relationships with your borrowers, referral sources, and commercial mortgage lenders. In order to succeed, you need to establish and maintain trust and credibility.

Below is a selection of some of our blogs dedicated to helping brokers learn more about how to develop partnerships in the commercial mortgage business.

Build Relationships with Commercial Mortgage Borrowers

For commercial mortgage brokers, developing partnerships is crucial to success, and the relationship between broker and borrower is one of the most important. To build connections with potential clients, you need to be able to identify individuals who may need alternative financing, create content that speaks to borrowers and use the right tools to connect with them, and take the time to get to know borrowers and their situations. Click here to read more.

Maintaining Relationships with Your Commercial Mortgage Referral Sources

It’s not all that difficult for mortgage brokers to call up lawyers, accountants and other financial professionals to introduce themselves and begin to build a referral relationship. The real challenge is to develop and maintain this new business relationship as well as your existing relationships. It’s all about convincing these sources that you are a valuable asset. Click here to read some tips on how to do just that.

Building Partnerships with Commercial Mortgage Lenders

You’re aiming for success as a commercial mortgage broker. You want to earn a good living and help your borrowers reach their financial goals. That’s going to depend in large part on the partnerships you develop with commercial mortgage lenders, and that’s especially true if you’re operating in the small-balance niche of the industry. Click here to learn more about how to choose lenders who fit the needs of your borrowers and how to build and maintain a good working relationship with your contacts at these companies.

Digital Networking for Commercial Mortgage Brokers

So how can you connect with borrowers, referral sources, and lenders right now? It might be quite a while before you can walk the floor of a tradeshow, drop into a local Chamber of Commerce meeting, or even grab a cup of coffee with a referral source or potential borrower. So, what can commercial mortgage brokers do to stay in touch with their existing network and forge new connections? This is where digital networking comes into play. While it is not a substitute for in-person interactions in the best of times, right now, digital networking is a great way to connect with others. Click here to read more.


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