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Commercial Mortgage Brokering Made Easy

Commercial Mortgage
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September 21, 2017

For brokers looking to earn more quickly, closing small-balance commercial mortgages is a simple way to do it. Of course, choosing the right lender to work with only makes it even easier. With over 25 years of experience in the industry and an understanding of what brokers and borrowers need, APEX is a great choice.

Here’s how we make it easy to broker small-balance commercial mortgages:

Simple submission process:

At APEX Mortgage, we know most of our brokers don’t focus solely on small-balance commercial mortgages. That’s why we make submitting your borrower’s mortgage request easy. All we need to review the deal is a completed 1003 or application, a credit report with trade lines, a summary of the deal and some photos of the property.

Common-sense underwriting:

Our underwriters understand the challenges small business owners face. That’s why our approach relies on common sense. We get to know your borrower, their story and their true financial situation in order to craft the best possible financial solution.

We handle the processing:

APEX understands that our brokers are usually working on multiple deals at the same time. That’s why we handle ordering the appraisal, take care of the title work and schedule the closing.

Quick turnaround time:

A bank loan or a mortgage from another traditional funding source can take months to close. APEX mortgages can close in as little as 2-3 weeks from the time a commitment letter is issued.

Broker fee protection:

APEX also makes it easier for our brokers to earn more. You can charge up to 5 points on each deal, plus an additional 2 YSP.

APEX is committed to making the process of closing small-balance commercial mortgages simple for our brokers. If you’re looking to earn more without a major increase in your workload, give us a call today.


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