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Commercial Mortgage Brokers: Your Digital Presence Matters

Commercial Mortgage
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March 10, 2015

If your commercial mortgage broker business doesn’t have a website or social media accounts, it might as well not exist. Gone are the days when borrowers would flip through the yellow pages looking for commercial mortgage brokers and lenders. The internet has made searching for brokers simple and checking up on their credibility and service is a cinch. This is why it’s so important for commercial mortgage brokers to establish and maintain a positive presence in the digital sphere. Here’s how:

Create a website that inspires confidence

In 2015, there is no excuse for a poorly designed website. If your site lacks a clean, professional look, many potential borrowers will simply continue their search without a second thought. You can hire a web designer, or, if you’re looking for a more cost efficient option, there are plenty of sites that allow you to create your own website for a reasonable price and sometimes for free.

Establish a voice

The vast majority of people will run a quick search on the web before they ever contact someone with whom they’d like to do business. You need to make sure that the content on your website and your social media channels demonstrate that you are an experienced broker who is willing to help borrowers through the commercial mortgage lending process. Always think about your audience first when posting content; this will help to establish an educational and interesting voice.

Establish credibility

Your borrowers are going to want to feel comfortable working with you, and the best way to help them get there is to prove your reliability and integrity as a commercial mortgage broker. Well-maintained and updated websites and social media channels can play a large role here. Posting about recently closed loans on your social media sites and adding positive testimonials to your website will help you to establish the credibility you need.

While speaking with clients over the phone, contacting them via email and engaging in face-to-face meetings are still important skills for commercial mortgage brokers, ignoring the digital sphere is a mistake. It’s important to put effort into your website, as well as your social media channels in order to present yourself as a skilled businessperson who can get borrowers the commercial mortgages they need. Focus on a professional design, establishing your voice and making sure you have your borrower’s trust, and your digital presence will flourish and bring you new business.


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