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Developing Content for Your Commercial Mortgage Blog

Commercial Mortgage
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October 13, 2015

A great way to draw prospective clients and referral sources to your website it to run an engaging and informative commercial mortgage blog. However, many people will agree that this is easier said than done, particularly if you’re just starting the blog. Coming up with new ideas can be a challenge, but keeping the needs and concerns of borrowers and referral sources in mind will lead you to create helpful and interesting content. Here are some ideas for brokers starting a commercial mortgage blog:

Discuss industry news.

When in doubt, discussing news and events in the commercial mortgage industry is a great topic. You can take various stories, reports and industry data and explain them in such a way that your potential borrowers and sources will understand. This allows you to demonstrate your credibility and expertise in the field, and borrowers will be more likely to trust and do business with you.

Answer common questions.

Borrowers often have many questions about commercial mortgages, so using your blog to answer the most common questions is a great way to produce helpful content. Make sure to listen closely when communicating with potential borrowers and keep a list of the most interesting and common questions you receive through phone calls, emails and social media posts.

Explain the lending process.

Borrowers in particular are going to be interested in how the commercial lending process works. Writing blogs describing various parts of the small-balance commercial mortgage process will not only draw in prospective clients, it will allow them to learn more about the industry and about how you can help them to achieve their goal of obtaining a commercial mortgage loan.

Running a commercial mortgage blog may seem like a challenge, but it’s really as simple as knowing what topics will interest your potential clients and referral sources. Blogs can be fairly short and are a quick way to inform your borrowers and sources about the industry, as well as your skills as a commercial mortgage broker. The above ideas will get you started, but the key to a successful commercial mortgage blog is listening to your borrowers and referral sources and delivering the most interesting and useful information.


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