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Drive Commercial Mortgage Leads With Email Marketing

Commercial Mortgage
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April 26, 2018

Email marketing is a quick, simple and inexpensive way for brokers to reach out to potential commercial mortgage borrowers and let them know how you can help them obtain financing. It allows you to teach borrowers about commercial mortgages, tell borrowers about how your services can benefit them, and show them your proven track record of closing loans. Here are some tips to help you produce emails that drive in business:

Create a schedule.

In email marketing, consistency is crucial, and so is finding a balance. You’ll want to send emails to potential borrowers often enough for them to keep you in mind, but you don’t want to overwhelm them. Depending on your schedule and the time you have to produce these emails, one email per week – or even one email every two weeks – should be enough.

Focus on the needs of your audience.

If you want people to open your emails, you need to give them a reason to do so. Commercial borrowers seeking financing are going to gravitate toward useful information, whether that’s a brief explanation of the process of obtaining a commercial mortgage, news about the local real estate market or examples of commercial deals you’ve closed. Make sure that all of the content in your emails helps your borrowers to make a decision.

Vary your content.

In order to keep your emails from getting stale, it’s important to change things up from time to time. Text emails are a great way to remind potential borrowers how quickly you can close deals or advertise promotions. Newsletter emails are great in terms of giving your borrower more information about the industry and the commercial mortgage process. A monthly email about the loans you’ve closed shows borrowers you can get the deal done.

Keep the language and template simple.

Simplicity is very important when you’re sending emails to potential commercial mortgage borrowers. A clean, professional template will keep them focused on the information within the email. Stay away from industry jargon if you can – using simple language will help your borrowers understand the commercial mortgage industry and will establish your credibility and trustworthiness as a broker.

Interested in learning more about email marketing for brokers? check out this article, despite being published in 2015, the recommendations in it regarding email marketing still hold true.

In order to close commercial mortgages, brokers need to establish a connection with potential borrowers, and email marketing is a great tool for this purpose. With a consistent schedule, content that is varied and borrower-centric, and a professional look with easy-to-understand language, you’ll be able to build connections with leads and drive in new borrowers.


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