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Drive in More Commercial Mortgage Leads and Close More Deals

Posted on 
August 19, 2021

For every broker, the number one goal is to close enough loans to earn a good living. To do this, you need to drive in commercial mortgage leads. This means you’ll need to know where to find potential borrowers, develop strategies to bring in new business, and understand what it takes to go from lead to closing.

Below is a selection of some of our blogs dedicated to helping commercial brokers to find and develop leads, and to turn those leads into closed loans.

Get more small-balance commercial mortgage borrower leads

Achieving success as a commercial mortgage broker comes down to the strength of your pipeline, and the strength of your pipeline depends on your ability to bring in leads. In order to find these leads, you need to know where to look. Click here to learn more about the best sources for commercial mortgage leads.

Generate More Commercial Mortgage Leads

The best commercial mortgage brokers know that it’s never too early to develop a strategy for producing more leads in the future and have already laid their plans for marketing to potential borrowers in the coming year. Generating commercial mortgage leads is important to the success of any broker, and now is the time to begin focusing on how you can bring in more new business next year. If you haven’t started planning yet, click here for some ideas to get you started.

Effective Communication Drives Commercial Mortgage Leads

A healthy pipeline is crucial to a commercial mortgage broker’s success in the industry and communicating effectively with potential borrowers can help keep business flowing. Social media accounts, your website and emails all present brokers with the opportunity to educate borrowers and, in turn, sell their expertise and credibility. Click here to read about some ways you can be more effective as a broker communicating with borrowers.

Helpful Website Content Produces Commercial Mortgage Leads

Whenever customers look to hire a financial professional, they need to know that that individual has the necessary experience and expertise to help them achieve their goals, and borrowers expect no less from commercial mortgage brokers. To generate commercial mortgage leads and close these types of loans successfully, you need to show borrowers that they can trust you and that you have the knowledge to move their deal forward. Click here to learn about how helpful content is a great way to start building their confidence in your ability.

How to Turn Commercial Mortgage Leads into Closed Deals

We’ve discussed the best sources for commercial mortgage leads, as well as effective ways to communicate with potential borrowers. But what do you do when you start receiving these leads? How to you convert them into closings and commission checks? It might seem like a challenging task, especially if you’re working with a non-bankable borrower, but you can click here to read about the steps to take to close these deals.

To learn more about how APEX can help you turn your commercial mortgage leads into closed loans, give us a call at (800) 262-APEX.


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