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Get Started Closing Small-Balance Commercial Mortgages

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September 16, 2021

Small-balance commercial mortgages remain a great way for both residential brokers and brokers who focus on larger commercial loans to expand their business and earn additional income.

Below is a selection of some of our blogs dedicated to helping commercial brokers to learn about the small-balance commercial niche, to understand the borrowers who seek out these loans, and to close these deals.

Small-Balance Commercial Mortgages for Beginners

For brokers in the residential business looking to increase the number of loans they close and earn more, the small-balance commercial mortgage niche offers plenty of opportunity for success. This is an underserved market, and it’s simple to begin closing these deals if you know how to get started. Click here for some tips for beginners.

What to Expect from a Small-Balance Commercial Mortgage Lender

If you’re new to the small-balance commercial mortgage niche, choosing the lenders you work with might seem like a difficult task. You need to be sure that these lenders are dependable and have your needs as well as the needs of your borrowers in mind. Click here for some tips to help you choose the right small-balance commercial lender for you.

When is a Small-Balance Commercial Mortgage Right for Your Borrower?

Many small business owners have trouble obtaining financing for their commercial property through banks. This is why they come to you, a commercial mortgage broker. It’s your job to get to know your clients, understand their financial situations and needs and get them the mortgage they need to accomplish their goals. In many cases, this is going to mean submitting the deal to a small-balance commercial mortgage lender. But how will you know when this is the best solution for your borrower? Click here to learn more.

How to Find and Close Small-Balance Commercial Mortgages

If you want to close small-balance commercial mortgages you need to know where to look for these deals and what to do once you find them. For those of you new to the commercial mortgage industry, click here to read some tips for finding commercial mortgage leads and turning them into closed deals.

Get Your Borrower Ready for a Small-Balance Commercial Mortgage

The two biggest jobs of any broker are to find clients commercial mortgages that fit their needs, and to prepare the borrowers for the loan they can expect and the process of obtaining it. For brokers working with non-bankable borrowers, this means seeking out alternative commercial mortgage lenders, getting the information required to start the process, and selling borrowers on non-conforming loans. Click here to read about how you can prepare your borrowers for alternative small-balance commercial mortgages.

Succeed as a Small-Balance Commercial Mortgage Broker

If you want to increase your business and earn more, there’s a simple solution: small-balance commercial mortgages. For brokers who already have residential experience, closing mortgages for non-bankable clients in need of financing for their commercial properties is an easy way to expand your product offerings. Click here to learn more about what you need to do to succeed in this niche.

Do you have questions about how you can earn more closing small-balance commercial mortgages? Give us a call today at (800) 262-APEX.


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