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Helpful Website Content Produces Commercial Mortgage Leads

Commercial Mortgage
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November 15, 2016

Whenever customers look to hire a financial professional, they need to know that that individual has the necessary experience and expertise to help them achieve their goals, and borrowers expect no less from commercial mortgage brokers. In order to generate commercial mortgage leads and close these types of loans successfully, you need to show borrowers that they can trust you and that you have the knowledge to move their deal forward.

Providing mortgage borrowers with helpful content is a great way to start building their confidence in your ability.

Answer common questions.

Whether your content is a blog on your company’s website, posts to social media channels such as LinkedIn or Twitter or videos on YouTube, one of the best ways to generate content that borrowers to care about is to think about common questions you’ve received. Walk your borrowers through a standard commercial mortgage application. Discuss with them what they can expect at various stages of the lending process. Explain the way underwriters use credit scores and reports to work out the terms of a loan. These are all great ways to demonstrate your skills and the value of your services.

Provide industry insights.

As an expert in the field of commercial mortgages, potential borrowers will be looking to you to provide insight and clarity about the industry and what they can expect as they seek financing for their properties. Discuss current events within the industry and explain how your potential borrowers could be affected.

Make it easy for customers to engage with you.

Once your potential borrowers have read or watched your content, make sure it’s simple for them to engage with you. Provide your contact information. Answer any questions they leave in the comment sections on your social media channels. Being available to them is a great way to establish your credentials and foster a sense of trust.

Providing useful information to potential borrowers is a great way to secure commercial mortgage leads and to begin establishing a sense of trust.  When borrowers know that you have the know-how needed to navigate the commercial mortgage industry and to place and close their loan request, they’ll be much more likely to work with you.


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