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How to Promote Yourself as a Commercial Mortgage Broker

Posted on 
July 12, 2018

Advertising your services and skills as a commercial mortgage broker is crucial to your success. You need to promote yourself to both potential borrowers and referral sources in order to build your pipeline and your network so that you can close deals.

Here are some simple ways to promote yourself as a commercial mortgage broker and start letting potential clients and sources know that you’re a valuable resource:

Develop effective marketing pieces.

Whether it’s an advertisement in a trade publication, an email blast or a flier you’ll be handing out around town, it’s important to create marketing pieces that will speak to potential borrowers and referral sources. When designing these pieces, make sure they look clean and professional and that your message is simple and direct. Make sure to include a call to action (e.g. Call now to learn more about how we can help you achieve your goals with a small-balance commercial mortgage!)

Create useful content.

When you sit down to write a blog, an email or an article, it’s important to make sure that what you’re writing is going to help potential borrowers to better understand the process of obtaining a commercial mortgage and how your services will help them to do that. Creating content that borrowers find useful will establish your credibility as a broker. Take the time to explain the ins and outs of commercial mortgages and answer common questions. Simply showing you have the answers is a great way to establish trust with potential clients.

Choose the right giveaway items.

A great way to stay in front of potential borrowers and referral sources is to leave something with your company’s name behind after a visit. When deciding on giveaway items, keep in mind the practicality of the item and how long the person you’re giving it to is likely to keep it. Items like pens, drinking glasses and business card holders are items people will probably hold onto for a while.

Utilize social media.

A great way to promote your marketing pieces and the content that you create is through your social media You can post helpful blogs, recently closed deals and other content that lets borrowers and referral sources know you’re a valuable resource. Social media is also interactive, which gives you a chance to engage with potential borrowers and sources, as well.

Succeeding in any field is dependent upon promoting your value, and brokering commercial mortgages is no different. You need to create marketing materials that speak to your expertise to build credibility with borrowers and referral sources. Take the time to develop great marketing pieces, create useful content and choose practical giveaway items. Then, promote what you’re doing on social media so that you can engage directly with potential borrowers and referral sources. Doing so will help you build credibility, strengthen your business, close more deals and earn additional income.


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