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LinkedIn as a Resource for Commercial Mortgage Brokers

Commercial Mortgage
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May 27, 2014

If you’re a residential mortgage broker making the move into the commercial mortgage industry, you might find the prospect somewhat challenging. Where can you go to learn about commercial mortgages? How can you develop sources for leads? Where can you find commercial mortgage lenders? Certainly, there are a number of avenues where this information is available, but one valuable tool is LinkedIn. Here’s how you can use the professional social network to your advantage:

  • Join groups. LinkedIn groups are a great way to identify potential referral sources and commercial mortgage lenders, as well as a useful educational tool. Join groups related to the commercial mortgage industry. Pay attention to discussions happening within the groups and issues that other brokers and lenders are discussing. This will give you insight into the business.
  • Connect with potential sources and lenders. Once you’ve learned some things about the commercial mortgage industry, you should begin connecting with referral sources. Let them know you’re in the commercial mortgage business and that you can help their clients find funding. You should also connect with lenders with whom you’d like to work and let them know you can bring them business.
  • Get involved. It’s important to remain active on LinkedIn. Post relevant industry stories and updates to your page. Let your connections know if you’ve closed a commercial mortgage recently and that you can help them with similar deals. Get involved in discussion groups. This will help you to continue to build new connections and keep you in front of your established connections.

LinkedIn is a valuable tool when beginning your work as a commercial mortgage broker. The networking site can help you to forge new business connections and succeed in the industry. Remember to join relevant industry groups and connect with sources and lenders. Updating your page and regularly participating in discussions is also important. This will help you to develop your business and thrive as a commercial mortgage broker.


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