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Making Informed Choices for Commercial Brokers: Portfolio Lenders, Fully-Amortizing Mortgages, and More

Commercial Mortgage
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November 1, 2021

Commercial mortgage brokers need to make decisions that work for both themselves and their borrowers. To make the right choices, you need a solid understanding of various types of lenders and loans.

Below is a selection of some of our blogs dedicated to helping commercial brokers learn more about portfolio lenders,fully-amortizing mortgages, what to expect from small-balance commercial mortgage lenders, and more.

Commercial Portfolio Lenders Area Great Choice for Brokers

There are plenty of things for brokers to consider when choosing commercial mortgage lenders to work with. What kind of rates do they offer? What are their terms like? Are there upfront fees? These are all important questions, but there’s another that you should also be asking lenders: Do you securitize and sell off your loans or not? Those who don’t sell, known as portfolio lenders, afford brokers benefits when it comes to selling small-balance commercial mortgages to borrowers. Click here to read about the pros of working with a commercial mortgage lender that portfolios their loans.

What to Expect from a Small-Balance Commercial Mortgage Lender

If you’re new to the small-balance commercial mortgage niche, choosing the lenders you work with might seem like a difficult task. You need to be sure that these lenders are dependable and have your needs as well as the needs of your borrowers in mind. Click here for some tips to help you choose the right small-balance commercial lender for you.

The Benefits of a Flexible Commercial Mortgage Lender

To be successful, it’s important for mortgage brokers to work with a variety of lenders, including flexible lenders who specialize in small-balance commercial financing. While banks and other traditional funding sources are going to be important to your business, a small-balance commercial lender that offers flexibility will allow you to fund tougher deals and earn additional income. Click here to learn more about what to expect from a flexible lender.

When is a Fixed and Fully-Amortizing Commercial Mortgage Right for my Borrower?

A commercial mortgage broker’s primary job is to find financing that best fits the needs of their client. It’s important for brokers to be able to evaluate the needs of their borrowers and to determine the type of commercial mortgage that best suits those needs. For many borrowers, though, a fixed and fully-amortizing mortgage is the way to go. Click here to read about some benefits these borrowers can expect.

The Benefits of Non-Bank Commercial Mortgage Lenders

If you’re a residential or commercial mortgage broker looking to increase your business and your income, working with non-bankable borrowers is a great place to start. For these borrowers, non-bank commercial mortgage lenders will obviously be your best bet. These lenders are a great resource and can help you close deals for borrowers who have faced financial challenges in the past or simply need to get financing fast. Click here to read about the pros of working with non-bank commercial mortgage lenders.


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