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March Resolution: Keep Your Commercial Mortgage Marketing Fresh

Commercial Mortgage
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March 3, 2016

This is the third in a series of monthly blogs about resolutions commercial mortgage broker should make and keep to increase business in 2016.

In order to keep a steady stream of small-balance commercial mortgage deals flowing through your pipeline, it’s important to draw in new business with inventive and interesting marketing. This is sometimes easier said than done, as it takes time and effort to develop successful marketing pieces and campaigns. There are steps you can take, though, that will make creating this fresh marketing content simpler. Here’s how you can get started:

Explore the channels you can use.

At present, commercial mortgage brokers have many marketing options. While you can choose more traditional marketing platforms, such as television, magazines and mailers, you can also supplement these efforts with social media and email marketing. Social media and email marketing are great ways to keep in touch with potential commercial borrowers and referral sources without breaking the bank. These platforms also allow for far more interaction, which can build your credibility as a commercial mortgage broker. Ultimately, you should choose the marketing channels you feel will best benefit your business.

Play to your strengths.

When creating marketing pieces, it’s important to know your strengths. If you’re a good writer, blogs for your company’s website or regular social media updates on sites like LinkedIn or Twitter could be a great way to reach new borrowers. If you’re better at public speaking, creating YouTube videos or hosting free webinars may be a better fit for you. Choosing a medium where you feel comfortable expressing your ideas and sharing information with borrowers and referral sources will allow you to produce better and more compelling marketing content.

Consider your audience.

One of the most important things to keep in mind when creating marketing materials is your audience. Before starting each piece, decided who it is for: borrowers or referral sources. This will allow you to focus on your message and produce the best possible marketing pieces.

Marketing your services as a commercial mortgage broker is simple as long as you keep the above in mind. Always remember that producing helpful content for your audience is a great way to sell your strengths and that you have many options. Take the time to consider each piece in order to create thoughtful and interesting content that will drive in new business.

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