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Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses Getting A Commercial Mortgage

Commercial Mortgage
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November 21, 2019

Obtaining a small-balance commercial mortgage is a great opportunity for small business owners and commercial property investors to accomplish their goals, but it’s also a chance for you to refresh your marketing message.

Depending on the reason you’ve chosen to apply for commercial financing, it could be a great time to touch base with your customers or tenants, and let them know about how your business is improving and growing to better serve them.

Here are some marketing ideas for small businesses on how you can get the word out in a way that drives in business:

If you’re purchasing a new property, let your customers know.

Let’s say you’re taking out a small-balance mortgage to buy a commercial property. Maybe you’re simply moving; maybe it’s a second location. Either way, it’s a great opportunity to send out an email or a mailer to your customers letting them know about the new property.

A simple, “We’ve moved!” or “Stop by our new location!” followed by a short message about the building and your new address is a good way to keep your customers updated and drive business to your door. Keep it short and sweet, and make sure to include your contact information.

Additionally, make sure to add this information to your company website and any social media channels you use for your marketing efforts. If you want plenty of engagement on your social posts, make sure to include images of your new property, or consider filming a short video giving customers a tour of the building.

If you’re a commercial property investor who owns apartment buildings or multifamily properties and have decided to purchase another, you can send emails or mailers to your current tenants to let them know about your purchase in case they’re interested in looking for a new space once their current lease with you ends.

Tell them about your property’s renovations.

If you’re obtaining a small-balance commercial mortgage to make improvements to your subject property – particularly of the cosmetic variety – you should let your customers know once they’re completed. Send out an email or a mailer that includes plenty of pictures and encourages customers to come and see your business’s new look in person.

Again, make sure to post all of this to your company’s website and on all of your social channels, as well. This is another great opportunity for video marketing because you can create a short video showing your customers what the property looked like before and after the improvements were made in a very engaging way.

This also applies to commercial property investors who are renovating an apartment building or a multifamily property. Make sure any property listings mention the improvements for the property, and include that information on your website as well – photos and videos are very much encouraged. If you’ve got great tenants whose current leases are coming to a close, consider sending them an email about renovations you’ve made either to their property or to other properties you own to entice them to re-sign with you.

Let them know if you have new inventory for sale.

Let’s say you’re getting a small-balance commercial mortgage because you need working capital to purchase inventory for your business. If you’re introducing new products, you should make sure to send out emails or mailers to your customers. Consider offering deals on these new products as an incentive to bring in more business. Additionally, if you’re re-ordering a popular product, let your customers know that it’s back in stock.

Of course, these products should also feature on your website and on all of your social media. If you choose to offer any promotions on these products, make sure those are advertised regularly on all of your social channels.

Marketing is crucial for small business owners and commercial property investors, and your small-balance commercial mortgage might give you a great reason to reach out to both current and new customers, and tenants. Whether you’re purchasing a new property, are making improvements to a building you already own, or are purchasing new inventory, it’s a great reason to refresh your marketing materials and give your customers an update on your business and how you can meet their needs. And if you’re in need of a small-balance commercial mortgage, don’t forget to give APEX a call at (877) 604-5304 to find out how we can help!


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