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Present Your Skills as a Commercial Mortgage Broker

Commercial Mortgage
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April 5, 2018

Whether it’s at a conference for real estate professionals, a local chamber of commerce meeting or a webinar, the presentation is a useful tool for commercial mortgage brokers seeking new clients and referral sources. This is especially true if you work in the non-conforming commercial mortgage niche. A presentation is a great opportunity for you to showcase your skills, knowledge and track record of closing deals.

Here’s how you can use this chance to your advantage:

Demonstrate your value.

One of your main goals when presenting to both potential referral sources and clients is to show them how your services will be beneficial to them. Whenever you create a presentation, ask yourself, “How will this group of people benefit from my services?” Then give them the answer. For example, say you’re giving a presentation to a group of realtors. Your value lies in securing their clients the financing needed to complete a sale.

Educate your audience.

There are plenty of borrowers and referral sources that can benefit from your services, but they might be hesitant because they don’t know much about the non-conforming commercial mortgage niche. A presentation is your opportunity to educate them about the niche, your products, and the process of getting these deals funded.

Keep things simple.

Simplicity is crucial in your presentations to both referral sources and borrowers. Keep the design simple. Use language that people unfamiliar with the niche can understand. Try to keep things short. This will keep your audience’s attention throughout and make both you and the information you’re conveying easier to remember.

No matter who you’re speaking to, presentations are a wonderful chance for commercial mortgage brokers to connect with potential borrowers and referral sources. Make sure to demonstrate the value you can provide as a broker, teach your audience new and useful things and keep the presentation simple and easy-to-follow. This will allow you to bring in new business and close more mortgages.


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