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Simple Marketing Tips for Commercial Mortgage Beginners

Commercial Mortgage
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September 12, 2017

When you’re just starting out, it’s important to take steps to market your services as a commercial mortgage broker. Without the right approach, it will be difficult to drive leads and increase your business. In order to succeed, you’ll need to develop connections with potential borrowers and referral sources and keep them engaged.

Here are some basic tips for those of you who are interested in closing commercial mortgages:

Choose the right channels.

Between traditional and digital media, there are many ways that commercial mortgage brokers can reach out to borrowers and referral sources, and it’s important to select the best way to connect with them. Do some research and figure out which social networks your audience is most likely to use and the best ways to communicate with them in order to drive leads.

Keep it simple.

When you’re new to marketing commercial mortgages, it can be easy to bite off more than you can chew and get overwhelmed. For example, trying to update multiple social media channels, writing a company blog and creating video content can be difficult if you try to do it all at once. Instead, choose a few things to start with, and add more marketing approaches as you grow more experienced.

Use your own voice.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make in marketing is foregoing your own unique voice in an effort to sound more knowledgeable. Generally, this just makes you seem inauthentic. No matter what kind of marketing content you create, make sure to use your own words.

Utilize calls to action.

When marketing your services, you’ll want to drive potential clients and referral sources to take some sort of action. Whether it’s clicking a link to your website or a social media profile, or calling your office to learn more, be sure to include a call to action in all of your marketing materials.

Don’t be “always selling.”

An immediate sales pitch tends to be jarring for most consumers who aren’t ready to take the plunge. Instead, provide potential borrowers with helpful information about commercial mortgages. This shows them you’re a credible and experienced professional, and they’ll be more likely to contact you when they’re ready to hear a sales pitch.

For commercial mortgage beginners, a simple and effective marketing strategy will be a major component of your success. Remember to keep your audience in mind when choosing marketing channels and strategies, and keep them engaged on all of the platforms you choose to use. With the right approach, you’ll see more leads and more closed loans.


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