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Tradeshow Basics for Commercial Mortgage Brokers

Commercial Mortgage
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May 19, 2015

While social media campaigns, email marketing and LinkedIn are all great ways to find leads and lenders in the commercial mortgage business, it’s also important for brokers to get out and meet potential referral sources and lenders in person. Industry trade shows are often a great way to make the connections with individuals and companies who will help you succeed as a commercial mortgage broker. Here’s what you can do to make your trade show visits a success:

Come prepared

Whether you’ve rented a booth at a trade show or you’ll just be walking the floor, it’s important to come to a trade show with information about you and your company. If you’ll be walking the floor introducing yourself, a business card will suffice, though you can always bring fliers or brochures. If you’ve rented a booth, be sure to provide those who stop by with literature about your company and some interesting or useful giveaways.

Don’t be shy

You won’t attract any new business if you don’t interact with the other professionals in attendance. Lenders, real estate agents and other industry professionals are the key to your success as a commercial mortgage broker, so you need to engage with them and learn all you can. Ask them about their business, what their specialty is and how they think a commercial mortgage broker might be able to help them.

Be ready to answer questions

Once you’ve learned about your new contacts, be prepared to answer their questions. This is your opportunity to sell yourself as a commercial mortgage broker, so be sure to let them know exactly how you’d be a beneficial connection.

Organize your follow-up strategy

Collecting business cards is a great way to remember all of the people you came in contact with or maybe were unable to speak with during the show. You can also code the back of each card to remember your level of interest in the company or individual and when you’d like to follow up with them. For example an “A” code signifies that you’re very interested and should contact the person within a week of the show.

Trade shows are still a great place to interact with others in the commercial mortgage industry and forge new connections. As long as you come prepared with relevant information, are prepared to engage with other attendees and are ready to answer questions about your own business, your trade show visits are likely to yield new business opportunities and more closed commercial loans.


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