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Using Social Media as a Mortgage Lead & Referral Source

Commercial Mortgage
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July 22, 2014

Social media is a key marketing strategy for commercial brokers, and interaction is crucial to your success on social media. If you’re a savvy mortgage broker, you’ve already set up accounts on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. However, simply setting up some accounts and posting about your business won’t be enough to attract borrowers looking for small commercial mortgages or referral sources. You need to engage and interact with your followers in order to successfully utilize social media as a marketing tool. Here’s how:

  • Provide your followers with interesting content.
    Before you can really interact with potential borrowers or sources, you need to post content which will prove interesting and informative. You can post educational blogs, industry news articles or even the basic details of loan scenarios you’ve been able to close. In order to engage these potential borrowers, you need to have something to discuss with them.
  • Set up a group or forum.
    If you have accounts on Facebook or LinkedIn, you have the option of setting up a group or discussion forum. As the administrator of the group or forum, you have the ability to see what potential borrowers and referral sources are discussing. Be sure to promote your group through your personal or company pages.
  • Answer your followers’ questions
    Whether it’s a comment on one of your posts, or a question asked through a group of forum, be sure to answer all of your followers’ questions. This is a great way to establish your credibility as a knowledgeable source and as a broker.

If you want to succeed as a commercial mortgage broker, you’ll need to develop a social media strategy that includes interacting with your followers. Be sure to post relevant content for them and answer any questions they might have. Creating a discussion group or forum is a great way to further these conversations with your followers. Interacting with potential sources and borrowers through your social media sites is a great way to find new business and strengthen existing business relationships.


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