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What Mortgage Brokers Can Learn From Journalists

Commercial Mortgage
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September 18, 2014

Marketing and journalism are two very distinct fields, but mortgage brokers can learn plenty from journalists when it comes to writing copy that will prove informative and interesting to their clients. Whether you’re writing a blog or social media post, sending out a newsletter or creating an advertisement, these journalism basics will help keep your content well-written, professional and engaging.

Lead with the most interesting fact.

One of the first things every budding journalist learns is to lead each story with the most important and interesting fact. This applies to any content you create. You don’t have much time to grab the attention of potential borrowers, so it’s important to lead with the most interesting thing you offer your clients. Whether that’s the fact that you can get your clients excellent rates or that you can help them to close loans quickly, it’s crucial not to bury your lead.

Double check everything.

Accuracy is synonymous with credibility in the field of journalism, and the accuracy of your marketing materials will impact your ability to attract clients. Make sure to proofread all of your content for spelling and grammar errors, and make sure that any numbers you include are correct. It might seem nitpicky, but this goes a long way toward establishing your credibility as an expert.

Keep it simple.

News organizations always try to reach the widest possible audience, so journalists generally use plain language to communicate. When you’re writing about the commercial mortgage industry in order to sell your product, it’s very important to keep your content simple so that potential borrowers understand your message.

As a commercial mortgage broker, it’s important that you reach as many borrowers as possible with your marketing materials and that your content makes an impact. In order to achieve this you should lead all content with the most interesting thing you offer clients to get their attention. Make sure to proofread all of your content carefully and keep it simple for your borrowers.


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