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The Best Choice for Small-Balance Commercial Lending

Commercial Mortgage
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May 4, 2017

Closing commercial mortgages for non-bankable borrowers is a great way for brokers to expand their business and earn additional income. In order to succeed, it’s important to choose the right small-balance commercial mortgage lender.

For brokers seeking a stable and seasoned funding source for their borrowers and an opportunity to earn great commissions, APEX Mortgage is the right choice.

APEX is a nationwide direct lender.

We are a bank-owned and funded portfolio lender which means we have a strong source of capital for your borrowers and don’t need to worry about keeping investors happy. At APEX, we never sell our commercial mortgages, and we make lending decisions without a committee.

We protect your fee.

APEX understands the value that our brokers bring to the table. Because we know how important your work is to our success, we allow brokers to charge up to 5 points on every deal, plus an additional 2 YSP.

APEX has been in the commercial mortgage business for over 25 years.

We use our knowledge of the industry and our experience to provide the best possible options and service to our brokers.

We’re flexible.

APEX knows the challenges that non-bankable commercial borrowers face when seeking financing. Through common-sense underwriting and willingness to understand your borrowers’ financial situations, APEX is able to close deals that other lenders can’t.

Brokers looking to close small-balance commercial mortgages have plenty of options when it comes to lenders. However, if you’re looking for a lender that understands the industry and your borrowers, and that is committed to the success of its brokers, APEX is the right choice for you.


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