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How Brokers Can Earn More Money with APEX

Commercial Mortgage
Posted on 
November 10, 2016

The commercial mortgage market is projected to see an increase of 4% in 2017, so now is a great time for brokers contemplating closing these types of loans to consider small-balance commercial mortgages. These deals are a great way to expand your product line and increase your income, and APEX Mortgage can help.

Here’s what you need to know:

We have a variety of programs.

APEX understands the obstacles that small business owners face and the nuances of their financial situations. This is why we offer loan programs for a number of credit grades designed to fit the needs of your borrowers. With a variety of options, APEX can close many different types of deals for you.

We underwrite with common sense.

Because we understand your borrowers, we approach each deal as the unique mortgage request that it is. We listen to every borrower’s story in order to determine if the deal makes sense and the best commercial mortgage we can offer to help them achieve their financial goals. Because APEX uses common sense to underwrite loans, we can get your borrowers’ mortgages closed quickly and can send you your commission fast.

We handle the processing.

Once you’ve sent in your borrowers mortgage request and have answered any additional questions our underwriters have about the deal, your job is essentially done. APEX handles all of the processing. From ordering title work and an appraisal to scheduling the closing, APEX does all the work, leaving you free to seek new business.

We protect your fee.

APEX understands the work that our brokers put into each deal. That’s why we allow you to make up to 5 points on each deal, including 2 YSP. We protect your fee on a legally binding commitment letter and on the HUD statement.

As a small-balance commercial mortgage lender, APEX is committed to working with brokers in order to close deals. We can offer your borrowers a variety of programs as well as common-sense underwriting in order to provide them with the best deal possible. We also handle all of the processing so that our brokers have the time to seek out new business. Additionally, we protect our brokers up to 5 points on each deal so that you can earn what you deserve.


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