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Case Study: Auto Repair/Equipment Purchase, Central Florida

Case Studies
Posted on 
April 5, 2024


It’s not an unusual story… you work hard, provide high-quality service, and steadily build your business… until one day, you realize you’ve outgrown your current facilities, and if you don’t act quickly, you’ll begin losing customers. For one central Florida auto repair business owner, that was precisely their precarious position.

For seven years, this central Florida auto mechanic business provided in-shop repairs and mobile services to drivers in the surrounding area. But recently, they realized they needed to expand into a larger shop with additional service bays and updated equipment to keep up with their increased number of customers.


The mechanic’s steady growth meant the business needed to purchase a new two-car post lift for their service bay. The post lift needed to be the right size to fit the bay and powerful enough to lift the range of vehicles the business serviced.

In addition to needing to purchase a specific type of mechanical equipment, the business was anxious to get the financing done quickly so they could order the lift. Being able to get funding quickly with affordable terms was crucial. Securing the financing needed was even more of a challenge than it might have been because the owner had limited business borrowing experience.


$26,100 Equipment Financing • Application Approved in One Hour

Because the broker had a well-established relationship with Apex Commercial Capital, they knew the business owner would be able to secure financing quickly and easily. Furthermore, the client’s lack of business borrowing experience wouldn’t be an issue with Apex Commercial Capital as it may have been with other lenders.

With Apex Commercial Capital’s streamlined process, the application was approved, the documents were prepared, and the loan was funded – with excellent terms and within the time allotted. Apex Commercial Capital provided everything the business owner had requested when they first met with the broker.


Apex Commercial Capital provided the client with the funding needed to purchase and take delivery of the new two-post lifts they needed. The business owner opened the new, larger shop with the necessary equipment in time to avoid a negative impact on the business. The funding was fast, the payments affordable, and the outcome successful for the business and the customers they serve.


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