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Case Study: Automotive Repair Equipment, New York

Case Studies
Posted on 
February 2, 2024


This private religious school in a community just north of New York City has been in operation since 1996. The school has provided a Jewish education to area students from kindergarten through 12th grade.

The school operates as an independent, non-profit educational institution. Along with the expected costs related to running the school, the yeshiva also has a fleet of buses to provide transportation for the students. Maintaining the buses can be costly, especially if you must pay other businesses for the upkeep. That’s the financial test for which the school needed an answer.  


No surprise, auto maintenance on a fleet of buses requires specially-designed equipment – including heavy-duty lifts necessary for the mechanics to work under the buses. It’s also no surprise that these lifts come at a heavy cost.

Securing funding for the lifts was more challenging because the school is a non-profit –there is no ownership structure, so no could personally guarantee the loan.

In addition, as with most non-profit entities, the school was extremely rate conscious. Most off-the-shelf funding solutions wouldn’t fit their needs or budget.


$109,787 Equipment Financing Loan • One Day Approval • Great Rates & Terms

Apex Commercial Capital has an outstanding relationship with the broker working with the school. The broker knew well that Apex Commercial Capital offers clients more flexibility. The school needed a CorpOnly Approval, which many lenders aren’t comfortable approving.

Apex Commercial Capital gave the school an Equipment Financing loan of $109,787 to purchase the heavy-duty lifts. The loan was approved – in a single day – with a competitive rate and terms that fit the school’s overall financial plan.  


With the equipment financing loan from ApexCommercial Capital, the school was able to buy the heavy-duty bus lifts they needed. Apex Commercial Capital funded the vendor 100% upfront so they could close the deal and get the required equipment within days instead of having to wait months or more. Apex Commercial Capital helped the school become more independent regarding the maintenance of their vehicles. They can work more efficiently with little downtime, because now they don’t have to rely on a third party to repair their equipment.


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