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Case Study: Recycling and Trash Service/Equipment Purchase, Arizona

Case Studies
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March 4, 2024


One growing recycling and trash services company in southern Arizona isn’t just helping to save the planet – they’re also dedicated to helping save the communities they serve. The business prides itself on following environmental best practices like using smaller, safer trucks to reduce the wear and tear on local roads – and that’s just one example of the thought that goes into the equipment they use.

In operation since 2011, the locally owned and operated business provides full-service trash and recycling services to both residential and commercial accounts. Their customers range from entire residential neighborhoods that have a specific trash can they need to use, all the way up to large commercial companies needing specialized dumpsters. As the business quickly gains more commercial customers, the more dumpsters they need to purchase… and finance.


The business’ rapid growth meant they needed to purchase new commercial dumpsters – sounds simple, but there were multiple challenges. To work with the company’s trucks, they needed to order specific dumpsters – open-top dumpsters – that had to be manufactured and made to order for them.

On the financial side, because there is little recovery value in dumpsters, it’s crucial that the deal is a strong fit – and many lenders will pass on even considering the loan. The best-case scenario would be if the company could find a lender with an existing relationship with a manufacturer – and that’s what they found with Apex Commercial Capital.


$43,500 Equipment Financing • Approved in Under One Hour

This loan came together, ultimately, because of two existing relationships. Apex Commercial Capital had a long-standing relationship with the Broker working with the recycling business and a comfortable working relationship with a local vendor in the manufacturing space.

The client had made it clear to the Broker that they needed the funding quickly – they wanted to work with a vendor with a simple process, involving as little paperwork as possible, and they needed a quick approval. The Broker knew that Apex Commercial Capital could deliver all three. The application process was simple, requiring no additional information, and the financing was approved in under an hour.  


Apex Commercial Capital provided the client with the funding needed to order and purchase the new dumpsters they needed. The streamlined loan process from Apex Commercial Capital saved the borrower time and allowed them to expand their fleet and acquire more commercial customers. The business is now the largest locally owned company in the region, servicing over 10,000 customers each week.


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