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Case Study: Commercial Landscaping /Equipment Purchase, Central FL

Case Studies
Posted on 
June 4, 2024


The owner of this full-service landscaping company has over 40 years of commercial landscaping experience. His business, which he started 15 years ago, offers a wide range of horticultural services to meet the needs of commercial, industrial, and multi-family clients in central Florida. Everyone involved in the business takes great pride in the service they provide, as well as their commitment to the environment and their community.  

The business is also committed to staying cutting-edge – providing ongoing training to their staff, staying up to date on the latest products and trends in the industry, and maintaining, as their website says, “state-of-the-art equipment.” Of course, staying ahead of the curve requires a significant financial investment.


The landscaping business works with several A-List corporate clients, the class of businesses that expect their office curb appeal to reflect their importance. It takes well-trained crew members and well-maintained, cutting-edge lawn care equipment to deliver that level of work.

Furthermore, as a growing business with an ever-expanding number of clients – including commercial properties, apartment buildings, township complexes, and more – the company needed to continuously increase the number of lawnmowers they had to employ and replace those that were out of commission.

Time is always a factor for this client due to the status and size of the business. A quick process is always required in any loan agreement, as are favorable rates and terms. And, because the owner has an extensive borrowing history with Apex Commercial Capital, he expects that he will not need to offer a personal guarantee.


$58,800 Equipment Financing • No Personal Guarantee Required

Apex Commercial Capital is well known for its flexible and streamlined approval process. In this case, because the business owner had a long-standing relationship with the lender, the loan process was even quicker and easier than usual.

Apex Commercial Capital was able to meet all the borrower’s prerequisites. Approval and closing were extremely quick. The rate and terms were well within the range the borrower hoped for. And, because of the borrowing history, Apex Commercial Capital could offer the business owner a Corporate Only Approval – no personal guarantee was needed.

As always, the borrower appreciated Apex Commercial Capital’s ability to offer approvals and funding in a timely and efficient manner, as well as the favorable rate and terms. And while familiarity was certainly a factor in the borrower’s decision to partner with Apex Commercial Capital, there’s the added benefit of keeping all his loans together under one finance company.  


With the new equipment financing from Apex Commercial Capital, the business purchased the five new lawnmowers needed and is now perfectly positioned to continue growing and serving the needs of its clientele to the best of their abilities – all with little money down and excellent terms. The business owner was able to keep the company’s loans with one financial company, which makes tracking and reporting easier for the customer – and, because no personal guarantee was required, he can keep his credit available for other needs that might arise.


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