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Case Study: Commercial Mortgage/Hotel Purchase, Southern New Jersey

Case Studies
Posted on 
June 3, 2024


Building a successful business is not something that happens overnight – more often than not, it’s a systematic step-by-step process. That’s how these entrepreneurs in New Jersey are building and expanding their empire – one piece at a time.

It’s a perfect example of building property investments: Five years ago, the investors purchased a gas station. Then, utilizing profits from the station, they purchased a hotel. Now, those property investments had performed well enough that they wanted to buy another hotel. Each step in building the portfolio is carefully planned out – starting with, once again, securing funding.


In many ways, even though this was a new property, the financing challenges were identical to the first hotel purchased. Hotels are considered a “unique property type” that many banks and other traditional lenders will decline to finance.

In addition, the primary borrower also had “average credit,” which is also a disqualifier for many banks. Finally, there was a tight time constraint involved. The loan needed to close quickly because of the agreement of sale on the property. Fortunately, the borrower already had a relationship with a lender who didn’t consider these challenges a dealbreaker.


$500,000 • Commercial Mortgage • Hotel Purchase

The borrower had worked with Apex Commercial Capital on previous property purchases. They understood that, for Apex, the unique property was not an issue. Nor was the borrower’s average credit score. One of the advantages of partnering with Apex Commercial Capital is the lender’s unparalleled flexibility, and the borrower knew that that flexibility would make all the difference in this case.

Apex Commercial Capital is also known for its seamless, streamlined process. The approval process was simple and completed quickly. Once the borrower was approved, the Apex team worked quickly and the loan closed in time to meet the terms of the agreement of sale.  


With the commercial mortgage from Apex Commercial Capital, the investors purchased the second hotel property within the necessary time frame. The entrepreneurs expanded their portfolio and added a profitable new income stream. This latest property purchase increased their income and strengthened their relationship with Apex Commercial Capital, putting them in an excellent position for future investments.


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