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Case Study: Dental X-ray/Equipment Purchase, Hawaii

Case Studies
Posted on 
January 5, 2024


It seems almost too good to be true – a dentist located in paradise, famous for being so pain-free that, even for his youngest patients, he doesn’t utilize any drugs or sedation.

The skilled dentist has been licensed for over 30 years and opened this practice approximately 20 years ago. Along with its focus on kid-friendly, pain-free dentistry, the practice also promises its patients the absolute latest treatments and equipment available. Of course, keeping your medical equipment cutting edge can be a financial challenge for even the most successful practice.


Keeping sophisticated medical equipment operating and up to date is one of the biggest expenses for any practice. Reports online indicate that the average dental office spends as much as $100,000 per year on equipment. Simply purchasing a new X-ray unit could cost $40,000 or more – and that’s what this dental practice needed to buy.

The practice’s primary X-ray unit was obsolete and stopped working. The client needed to replace it, they wanted the latest leading-edge model, and they needed it immediately. The client contacted a broker who introduced them to Apex Commercial Capital.  


$40,125 Equipment Financing • Approved, Funded, Delivered in One Week

The client needed funding fast, and that’s what Apex Commercial Capital delivered. Working with the client’s broker, Apex was able to provide equipment financing with excellent terms.

It was imperative that the loan close quickly so the practice could purchase the state-of-the-art X-ray unit. With Apex Commercial Capital’s streamlined documentation process, the entire process took just one week – from first contact to approval, funding, and delivery of the new equipment.


In only a week, the practice had the necessary equipment financing, and the new X-ray unit was in place for their patients. Working with Apex Commercial Capital, the practice replaced the equipment quickly and could continue to deliver top-quality care for their patients, young and old. Truly pain-free financing.


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