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Case Study: Mixed-Use Property/Refinance, Southeastern PA

Case Studies
Posted on 
February 2, 2024


Along with determination and a sound strategy, growing a business often requires a little luck and good timing. This property management company in the greater Philadelphia area had achieved real growth in its first seven years. The business had acquired several multi-family homes, mixed-use properties, and two garages – about 12 properties in total, serving both residential and commercial tenants.

Now, the business was ready to take advantage of the equity they’d realized and use it to continue expanding their holdings. The biggest hurdle they faced? Choosing the right time and the right partner.


To the client, it seemed like a simple refinance. They purchased a mixed-use property, owned it free and clear, and were looking to take advantage of the equity in the property with a Cash-Out Refinance. The business had purchased the property about a year ago and had invested money to make improvements.

The business owner hoped to achieve three goals by refinancing: 1) recoup the original purchase funds, 2) recoup the money invested for improvements, and 3)cash out additional funds for new property investments.

When they first spoke with Apex Commercial Capital about refinancing the loan, they’d owned the property for less than a year, so there was a seasoning issue – andApex Commercial Capital was only able to offer the borrower $80,000, not$150,000 as the business had hoped. The borrower then tried another lender, who initially said they could provide a larger loan, but the lender couldn’t execute that commitment, and the deal fell through.


Cash Out Refinance – $150,000 • Funding in about a month

When the borrower’s second attempt at a loan fell through, they came back to Apex Commercial Capital – and at that point, enough time had passed that there was no longer a seasoning issue. ApexCommercial Capital was able to give the business the $150,000 cash-out refinance loan they needed.    

Because acquiring the loan took so long, the business needed the loan closed quickly – ApexCommercial Capital could fund the deal, from commitment to closing, in about four weeks.  


The cash-out refinance from Apex CommercialCapital gave the borrower enough capital to accomplish all three of their business goals – they recouped the original purchase and the money invested for improvements, plus, with the cash-out portion of the loan, the client had the opportunity to continue to grow their portfolio of investment properties.


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