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Case Study: Tree Service/Equipment Purchase, Long Island, NY

Case Studies
Posted on 
May 6, 2024


In central Long Island, NY, there is a thriving tree service company owned by an arborist who has been in the industry for over 20 years. The central Long Island area where the company is situated, is the most rural of the New York City suburbs – the perfect location for a tree service.

As any arborist can tell you, all things have their season, and this business is truly starting to flourish. But with any blossoming business, the challenge is keeping up with growth.


As the company’s reputation spread across the island and demand grew, the arborist realized they had to purchase new equipment quickly, or they would lose customers to local competition. Specifically, they needed a new stump grinder and a landscaping trailer to transport it – and they needed them ready to roll before spring, which was coming up quickly.

What might initially sound like a simple business loan was not simple at all. Along with needing funding fast, the company owner needed to arrange seasonal payments due to the nature of their business. And, of course, securing an affordable rate was also a crucial factor.


$47,100 Equipment Financing • Approved in Under One Hour

The business owner worked with a broker who specialized in securing funding for tree service/landscaping businesses, and the broker knew that Apex Commercial Capital specialized in providing loans with a unique set of needs.

The borrower needed quick approval – Apex Commercial Capital approved the loan in under an hour. They needed a loan with seasonal payments – Apex Commercial Capital offers a range of flexible equipment financing deals, including seasonal payments, that can be customized to fit a business's needs. And finally, the business needed the funding fast so they could have the equipment in-house and ready to use by the start of the spring rush. Apex Commercial Capital delivered on that, too – it took just 72 hours to go from application received to funded deal.  


Apex Commercial Capital provided the business owner with an equipment financing loan that more than met their needs – competitive terms, a great rate, and extremely fast processing from application to funding. The tree service had the stump grinder and new landscaping trailer purchased in time to meet the increased spring demand. The business owner could book more jobs and larger jobs than they had in the past because of the new equipment.


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