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Commercial Mortgage Lessons from Pixar Studios

Commercial Mortgage
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September 3, 2015

Pixar burst onto the animation scene in 1995 with Toy Story and it’s never been the same. Over the course of a decade, the company has made a name for itself creating films that speak to children and the child within each adult (so much so that Disney purchased the company for over $7 billion in 2006). Commercial mortgage brokers can learn a lot from a visionary creative company like Pixar. Here’s what they can teach you:

Hire the best people.

The reason Pixar has done well in the past and continues to do well in the present is that they’ve hired incredible teams of animators, writers, producers and directors. You need to do the same for your company. Find the people best equipped to market, sell and close commercial mortgage loans and hire them.

Don’t be afraid to innovate.

Up until Toy Story, the 3D animation style that Pixar favors was not the industry standard. Although this style took years to develop and perfect, Pixar wasn’t deterred. As a commercial mortgage broker, you shouldn’t be afraid to try new things to drive in new business. Whether that means expanding your presence on social media or allowing clients to submit mortgage applications online, it’s important to stay ahead of the curve.

Develop storytelling skills.

While Pixar’s animation is wonderful and vibrant, it would fall flat without rich stories like Finding Nemo, Up and Inside Out. These stories are what sells the Pixar brand and keeps the company successful. You also need to hone your storytelling skills in order to bring on new business. Utilize your website, blog and social media to tell the story of your company as well as how you have helped commercial property owners obtain the financing they need.

While it might not seem like an animation studio has much to do with the commercial mortgage industry, brokers can learn a lot from the way Pixar does business. It’s crucial to employ individuals who will allow your company to grow and expand its business, as well as embracing innovation in the industry. Perhaps most importantly, you need to learn how to tell good stories about your company and the loans you’ve closed to entice new clients to work with you. By drawing inspiration from Pixar, you’ll bring on new business, close more loans and earn additional income.


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