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Creating Marketing Pieces that Speak to Commercial Mortgage Leads

Commercial Mortgage
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May 7, 2015

A steady stream of leads is the key to any commercial mortgage broker’s success. It’s important that you promote your services in the right way to ensure that new business is consistently coming to you, and developing a strategy for your marketing pieces is crucial. Here are some great ways to get started developing new marketing material:

Check out what others in the industry are doing

One great way to begin brainstorming about the look and content of your marketing – both print and digital – is to take a look at what your competition is doing. You’ll begin to get a sense of what you do like and what you don’t like in various types of marketing materials, which will help you to start developing your own company’s voice and style.

Understand your audience

When developing content for marketing pieces, you need to keep potential loan borrowers and commercial mortgage referral sources in mind. For borrowers, you may want to produce pieces which detail how you were able to help past borrowers achieve their goals. For referral sources, outlining how you can help their clients obtain a mortgage and make them look good in the process is a great way to begin.

Ask them what they want

If you’re stumped as to what will speak to your audience, ask them. You can ask for their opinions via social media, email campaigns or surveys. It’s also great to speak with referral sources you currently do business with and your past borrowers about what they’d like to see, since they already have an idea of your services as a commercial mortgage broker.

Pay attention to design

While the content of your marketing pieces is very important, the way that they’re designed also plays a large role in how people respond to them. Make sure the layout of each piece, whether it’s print or digital, is clean and modern. You’ll want to include relevant information about your services, but you won’t want to overwhelm potential borrowers and sources with too much content or a busy design.

For commercial mortgage brokers, marketing is a key component in bringing on new business. Because of the importance of new leads, you need to focus on using your commercial mortgage marketing materials to connect with borrowers and referral sources. Getting started can seem difficult, but following the above tips will make the process of creating marketing pieces much simpler, and will allow you to close more commercial mortgage loans.


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