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Employee Spotlight: Meet Melissa Foxall

Company News
Posted on 
August 31, 2023
“Every loan is different. Every person’s story is different. Different and challenging deals aren’t an issue, that’s where Apex excels.”

We’re pleased to spotlight…

Melissa Foxall, Underwriting Manager  

Melissa’s is a true “work your way to the top” story. After graduating from college, she worked for Commerce Bank as a teller, gaining a baseline understanding of the business. While working as a teller, Melissa took lending classes. In her words, she began “decisioning home equity loans” at the branch where she worked. When Melissa came to Apex Commercial Capital, she started her career in the sales department and, after about two years, moved over to the underwriting team, where she worked her way up to manager.    

Favorite thing about working at Apex Commercial Capital
: “This place is like a family. I’ve always said that I feel like I’ve grown up here. People have watched me grow from just being out of college to now having a family. They’ve seen me grow personally and professionally. I appreciate my coworkers and the family feel here.”

Favorite thing to do outside of work:
“I enjoy gardening. I spend time with my kids and my dog, mostly being a chauffeur to all their extracurricular activities. And I sometimes color or paint to relax.”  


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