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Employee Spotlight: Meet Tom Sudders

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January 5, 2024
“The most attractive thing [at Apex] is to see how long people work here… people don't leave.” 

We're pleased to spotlight...

Tom Sudders, Underwriter

Tom has over 20 years of experience in the mortgage industry. Before coming to Apex Commercial Capital six years ago, all of Tom’s experience was in the residential mortgage industry, so working for Apex involved a bit of a transition. “It’s the same, I guess, like, same church, different pew. It's the same job, same industry, but it's completely different in regards to how you analyze a file and put a deal together. The biggest [difference is], in the residential world, it's really if you fit a box, you fit, if you don't, you're out. But [at Apex Commercial Capital], it's more structuring [the loan] to make it work for us and the customer.”

Favorite thing about working at Apex Commercial Capital: “Everything's different – no two applications here are the same. Here, [we’re] analyzing everything – analyzing the business, analyzing the collateral, and piecing all that together. That’s the best part – that literally no applications are the same. I don't think I’ve seen two of the same applications the whole time I've been here. [Also] What you see here – the most attractive thing about working for [Apex Commercial Capital] – is that people don't leave. And [if they do], they come back.”

Favorite thing to do outside of work: “I love to travel. I do trips with guy friends – we're up to 15 years in a row. We go to all different places. But besides, obviously, my family, that's number one, golf for me and barbecuing are by far my favorite hobbies.”


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