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Honoring Our Heroes: A Veteran's Journey from the Military to the Mortgage Industry

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November 10, 2023

As we celebrate Veterans Day, Apex Commercial Capital takes great pride in profiling one of our outstanding employees, Mr. Roger Plate, a LossMitigation Specialist in our Equipment Finance business line. Roger is not only a dedicated and accomplished professional, but he is also a proud veteran of the United States Marine Corps. In this special feature, we delve into Roger's military background, the impact of his service on his professional life, and his ongoing commitment to supporting the veteran community.

Military Background and Experience

Roger's military journey is marked by his service in reconnaissance, security, and infantry—a testament to his dedication and versatility. The skills and experiences gained during his time in the UnitedStates Marine Corps have laid a solid foundation for his subsequent career in the business world.

Shaping Business Approach and Leadership

One of the key takeaways from Roger's military service is the mantra of "Improvise, Overcome, and Adapt." This philosophy has become the cornerstone of his approach to business and leadership. In a constantly evolving corporate landscape, Roger applies these principles to navigate challenges and find innovative solutions.

Continuing Support for the Veteran Community

Beyond his professional endeavors, Roger remains actively engaged in supporting the veteran community. Regular visits to VA hospitals and spending time with fellow veterans are just some of the ways he gives back. His involvement with organizations like Tunnel of Towers, dedicated to supporting veterans and first responders, reflects his commitment to making a positive impact beyond the workplace.

Incorporating Military Values into Everyday Life

Roger seamlessly integrates the values and skills acquired during his military service into his daily life and work at Apex CommercialCapital. His commitment to organization, setting routines, and problem-solving mirrors the discipline instilled by the military, even if, as he says, it might not always be the most popular approach on the home front.

Career Advice for Veterans in Finance

For veterans aspiring to build careers in the finance industry, Roger emphasizes the importance of continuous learning. Being a perpetual student, recognizing that mastery is an ongoing process, and leveraging problem-solving skills are key pieces of advice he shares with fellow veterans.

Overcoming Challenges in the Business World 

Roger's military experience has equipped him with the ability to recognize when a different approach is needed to achieve objectives.This adaptability and problem-solving mindset have proven invaluable in overcoming challenges within the dynamic landscape of the business world.

Impactful Military Moments

Reflecting on his four years of active duty, Roger highlights the multitude of experiences that shaped his positive outlook and problem-solving mindset. The overarching theme remains constant:"Improvise, Overcome, and Adapt."

 Commemorating Veterans Day

On Veterans Day, Roger commemorates the occasion by spending time with family, fellow veterans, and friends. Whether it's enjoying a game ofOle Miss Football or simply counting his blessings, he takes a moment to reflect on the significance of this day.


As we celebrate Veterans Day, Apex Commercial Capital salutes Roger Plate and all veterans for their service, dedication, and the indelible impact they continue to make in both their professional and personal lives. We are grateful for the contributions of veterans like Roger, who exemplify the values of honor, courage, and commitment in every aspect of their journey.


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