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How APEX Can Help Mortgage Brokers

Commercial Mortgage
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March 27, 2014

As a small commercial mortgage lender, APEX Mortgage Corp. relies on mortgage brokers, both commercial and residential, for most of our business. Because brokers are such an important part of our industry, we are committed to working closely with our brokers, providing them with excellent service and protecting their interests. Here’s what APEX can offer you:

  • We protect our brokers. APEX values the services that our brokers provide to both their clients and to us. Your fee will be protected in the commitment letter that we send to your borrower, as well as on the HUD statement. We also offer YSP on a case by case basis.
  • We are flexible. APEX is a story lender, and we understand the unique needs of non-bankable small business owners. Our underwriters will listen to your borrowers’ stories and will help them to obtain small commercial mortgages that will help them to achieve their business goals.
  • We provide speedy service. Too often, brokers are left hanging as a mortgage company or bank spend days reviewing a mortgage request, only to be told that it can’t be financed. If you’re working with a non-bankable client who needs funding quickly, you’ll want to know if their mortgage request can be approved as soon as possible. APEX can generally approve loan requests within 24-28 hours. Our loans usually close within 2-3 weeks of approval.
  • We have a variety of loan programs. Mortgage brokers working with commercial clients may find the lack of options frustrating if their customers cannot qualify for traditional financing. APEX offers a variety of loan programs for your borrowers. Our programs for debt consolidation, working capital, refinances, purchases and property improvements will fit the needs of many of your clients.
  • We handle all of the processing. Once you’ve sold the deal to your borrower, APEX takes care of the rest. Our processing team will order the appraisal and title, work through any issues with your borrower and schedule the closing.

APEX values the efforts of the brokers who bring us business and is dedicated to making the lending process as simple and smooth as possible. Whether you’re an experienced commercial broker or a residential broker looking to close the occasional commercial mortgage, we can help.


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