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How Commercial Mortgage Brokers can Develop Content for Video Marketing

Commercial Mortgage
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July 14, 2015

Getting new commercial mortgage business in the door can be difficult, especially since you usually don’t have much time to leave an impression. Filming short, informative and interesting videos is a low-cost option that allows commercial mortgage brokers to interact with potential borrowers and source while explaining the industry and their services. You just need good content. Here are a few ideas to help you increase your commercial mortgage leads:

Meet the team:

People are more apt to work with individuals or companies when they’re able to get a sense of who they are and what they do. As a commercial mortgage broker, you need to build a rapport and a sense of trust with all of your borrowers, and videos in the style of “Meet the Team” allow interested borrowers to explore what your company offers. You can do one video introducing all of your team members or a series spotlighting a new team member each month. We recommend the second option as it allows you to produce more content and build your YouTube channel.


In the age of online reviews, most potential borrowers will be more likely to trust the word of your former customers. Recording testimonials from past borrowers is great way to establish trust and credibility with new commercial borrowers. Be sure to choose former borrowers with interesting stories who had a great experience with your company and are comfortable in front of the camera.

Industry topics:

While you have plenty of knowledge about the commercial mortgage industry, your potential borrowers and referral sources might not. Taking the time to explain the goings-on in the industry helps your borrowers and sources to better understand the lending process and allows you to demonstrate your knowledge and skills. In addition to creating video material on these topics, creating an informative and active mortgage blog is a great way to position yourself as the expert in your industry as well.

Recent closings:

A great way to let borrowers know about the services you provide and the types of commercial loans you can close is to discuss recent closings. It’s important to choose closings that illustrate your skills as a commercial mortgage broker. Make sure you include plenty of visuals to keep your viewers interested.

For commercial mortgage brokers, video marketing can be a great solution to bringing on new borrowers and referral sources. All you need to do is create engaging content for your audience. Filming videos about your team and their expertise, testimonials from borrowers, discussions about industry news and details about a recent closing or two can go a long way towards establishing you as a trustworthy commercial mortgage broker and closing more loans.


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