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Non-Conventional Commercial Lenders Can Help Mortgage Brokers Earn More Money

Commercial Mortgage
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August 29, 2017

For mortgage brokers looking to increase their income, small-balance commercial mortgages are products worth considering. As an under-served market with less competition than the residential or large-balance commercial mortgage markets, this niche is full of opportunities for aspiring agents. To close these loans, you’ll need to make connections with non-conventional commercial mortgage lenders who specialize in financing for small business owners.

Here’s what lenders like APEX can offer mortgage brokers:

Common-sense approach:

Generally, the borrowers who need small-balance commercial mortgages cannot obtain a bank loan for reasons ranging from credit issues and tax liens to unusual property types and a need for quicker financing than a bank can provide. Non-conventional lenders like APEX take the time to get to know your borrowers, their businesses, and their stories, and use a common-sense approach to underwrite each mortgage. This approach allows for more flexibility and the best possible deals for your borrowers.

Variety of programs:

Non-conventional lenders like APEX understand that each small business owner has their own specific goals and faces unique challenges. That’s why we offer numerous programs designed to fit the needs of our commercial mortgage borrowers.

Fewer regulations:

Banks face tight standards and strict guidelines when it comes to lending. Because of this, there are many borrowers who fall outside of their lending parameters. Non-conventional lenders aren’t regulated as tightly as banks, so we can work with borrowers and brokers to craft the best possible financing solution for borrowers.

Higher commissions:

Most traditional lenders cap a broker’s fee at around 2 or 3 percent. At APEX, we understand that closing small-balance commercial mortgages is a unique challenge and that brokers deserve to be compensated well. That’s why we allow our brokers to charge up to five percent on every deal. And, YSP is available in most of our programs.

Brokers seeking to expand their business and earn more should consider working with non-conventional commercial lenders. With a common-sense approach to lending, a variety of programs, and fewer regulations slowing us down, lenders like APEX are uniquely suited to meeting your borrowers’ needs. And with a higher fee cap, we can meet brokers’ needs too.


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