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How to Choose Giveaway Items to Promote your Commercial Mortgage Business

Commercial Mortgage
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October 1, 2015

For commercial mortgage brokers, the ability to market their business is a major component of success. While we’ve discussed various ways that brokers can market themselves digitally through social media, video and email, it’s also important to consider tangible representations of your brand. If you’re making sales calls or attending a trade show, you might want to consider giving potential commercial mortgage borrowers or referral sources something to remember you by besides a business card. Here are some ideas for giveaway items for your company:

Consider practical items.

Your giveaway items will give the recipient a sense of you and your company, and you want potential borrowers and referral sources to see you as capable and dependable. Pens are tried and true practical giveaway items, but there are other options. For example, APEX Mortgage distributes mints and hand sanitizer at most trade shows, since the participants are shaking hands and speaking with one another all day. A little thoughtfulness goes a long way with these giveaways.

Go for items with longevity.

While mints and hand sanitizer are great at networking events, you might also want to purchase useful items that recipients can hold on to for a long time. Again, pens are a great idea, but consider trying something a little different to stand out by giving out pens that also double as a stylus for phones or tablets. These are simple items that will be very cost effective for you and incredibly handy for anyone who receives them.

Make sure it’s tasteful.

The product you choose and the way you design it will affect whether or not anyone wants it. Again, practical products that will serve the recipient well for a good period of time are great, and a crisp, clean design including your company name and phone number is best.

Whether you’re making sales calls, attending a local networking event or attending a trade show, it’s important to consider giveaway items that showcase your business. These items give recipients a sense of you as a commercial mortgage broker, as well as a sense of your business. Choosing the right items allows you to build professional credibility with potential commercial mortgage referral sources and borrowers and will add to your business.


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