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June Resolution: Attract Quality Commercial Mortgage Leads

Commercial Mortgage
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June 23, 2016

For mortgage brokers, drawing in the right kinds of borrowers looking for small-balance commercial financing is an important part of succeeding. This is particularly important in the summer months, since business is likely to slow slightly. In order to attract worthwhile leads, you need to be producing the right kind of content and reaching out to the correct sources.

Here’s how to get started:

Create useful marketing content.

To attract good commercial mortgage leads, it’s important to produce marketing pieces and website content which explains what you do as a broker and how your services can benefit commercial borrowers. Additionally, providing educational and helpful content builds your credibility with both borrowers and sources.

Reach out to your referral network.

Your current referral network is always a great resource, and you should be contacting them regularly. As a broker dealing with small-balance commercial financing, you’re a great alternative funding source for bankers, real estate agents, accountants and lawyers. Make sure to remind them how your services benefit not only their borrowers, but their credibility as trusted financial advisors, as well.

Expand your network.

Another way to increase quality commercial mortgage leads is to expand your referral network. Reach out to financial professionals you don’t currently do business with. Attend meetings for your local Chamber of Commerce. Connect with these individuals at tradeshows. These are the people who will know which of their clients can’t qualify for bank financing and will need to seek funding from a nonconforming lender.

A healthy pipeline of prospective deals is essential to a mortgage broker’s success, and you need quality commercial mortgage leads in order to keep your pipeline full. In order to obtain these leads, you need to reach out in the right way to the right people. Connecting with borrowers and referral sources will allow you to close more loans and earn additional income.


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