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Know the Facts When Choosing a Small-balance Commercial Lender

Commercial Mortgage
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June 18, 2015

Working with the right small-balance commercial lender can mean the difference between success and failure for a commercial mortgage broker. That’s why it’s important to know all the facts when choosing a small-balance commercial lender to work with. While the competition might boast similar rates and seemingly better terms, APEX is a true small-balance commercial lender committed to helping our brokers close more commercial mortgages.

Here’s how APEX compares to other small-balance commercial mortgage lenders:


The simple fact is that borrowers are rate sensitive. For non-bankable borrowers, it may take some time to get them to a rate they understand. Do not lose them in a loan where the rate with change or a balloon payment comes due. Be sure you get the best offer for them.


While other lenders may offer single-digit rates, their terms can’t compare to APEX’s. APEX offers fixed and fully-amortizing loans up to 25 years. While other lenders might advertise similar products, these rates are generally fixed for a must shorter period of time and then transition into adjustable rate mortgages.


Generally, commercial mortgage brokers end up doing most of the processing work. This may be an overwhelming task if the broker isn’t familiar with small-balance commercial loans. When you submit a commercial mortgage scenario to APEX, though, we handle all of the processing. This frees your time to focus finding new business and closing more loans.

Closing time:

Although it depends on the property type, the average closing time for most small-balance commercial mortgages can be up to three months. At APEX, our average closing time is three weeks.

As a commercial mortgage broker, it’s important to be informed when deciding to work with a small-balance commercial mortgage lender. Keep in mind when placing your small-balance loans that APEX offers rates starting in the single digits and fixed and fully-amortizing terms. APEX doesn’t charge your borrower any upfront fees and handles all of the processing. Most importantly, APEX closes loans fast so that you can get your commission quickly and move on to new business!


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