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Lower Starting Interest Rate for Commercial Mortgages

Commercial Mortgage
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June 30, 2016

A small-balance commercial mortgage lender is only as successful as the brokers with which it works. Providing our brokers with a variety of commercial mortgage products and excellent service is a top priority at APEX, which is why we’ve decided to lower our starting rate to 7.5% for qualifying borrowers.

A lower starting rate isn’t the only reason it’s a great idea to do business with APEX.

Here’s what we can offer you:

Higher commissions:

APEX allows our commercial mortgage brokers to make up to 5 points on each deal, including 2 YSP (Yield Spread Minimum). Additionally, brokers who close multiple deals with APEX can qualify for our repeat rewards program and earn additional cash on every deal.

Fast turnaround times:

Whether you need a quick yes or no on a deal, or your borrower needs a commercial mortgage to close in a short period of time, APEX can deliver. Because of our common-sense approach to underwriting, APEX can approve and fund mortgages fast.


At APEX, we understand that there are plenty of non-bankable borrowers who need commercial financing. We’ll listen to your borrower’s story and take the time to understand their situation. We know your borrower is more than a credit score.


Brokers need to constantly seek out commercial mortgage leads in order to close more loans. That’s why APEX handles all of the processing once our brokers submit deals. We’ll take care of ordering the appraisal and title work, as well as scheduling the closing, leaving brokers free to find new business.

At APEX, we value our brokers and want to afford them every possible opportunity to close more commercial mortgages. In addition to a lower starting rate, APEX is committed to providing brokers with excellent service and the best options for non-bankable borrowers. If you’re looking to close more commercial mortgages, APEX can help.

For more information about APEX’s commercial mortgage programs, call 800-262-2739 or contact us online.  You can also see our small-balance commercial mortgage programs here.


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