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May Resolution: Use Technology to Contact Mortgage Leads

Commercial Mortgage
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May 5, 2016

This is the fifth in a series of monthly blogs about resolutions commercial mortgage broker should make and keep to increase business in 2016.

While there’s no replacement for a phone call or face-to-face meeting, technology has changed the way we communicate with one another and has made it much simpler to reach commercial mortgage sources and borrowers. Technology is also a less expensive way to connect with your target audience than traditional means of advertising, such a print ads or TV and radio spots.

Here are a few things commercial mortgage brokers can use to communicate with potential sources and borrowers and to strengthen their existing network:

Develop a database.

Keeping track of who you’ve been in contact with as well as their contact information is very important when seeking new commercial mortgage leads. A simple database is an excellent tool for commercial mortgage brokers, as it allows you to store all of this information in one place.

Update your website.

One of the first things potential commercial mortgage leads are likely to do once they hear from you is to check your website. It’s important that your commercial mortgage website look professional and provide necessary and useful information for visitors. It’s a great idea to include fill-able forms on your site in order to collect information from sources and borrowers. Read more in our previous post Three Ways to Improve Your Commercial Mortgage Website.

Craft email campaigns.

Once you have a network of possible commercial mortgage sources and borrowers, reach out to them with emails. Use these emails to explain how you as a broker are an asset to borrowers and can help them to obtain the financing they need for their commercial properties. Read more about capitalizing on email lists in our previous Using Email to Drive Commercial Mortgage Leads.

Master social media.

Social sites like LinkedIn and Twitter allow you the opportunity to connect with a wide variety of mortgage professionals and small business owners. They also provide you with the ability to interact directly with anyone who contacts you with questions or concerns. Updating your profiles is a simple way to remind commercial mortgage leads what you can offer them as a broker.

Commercial mortgage brokers should be utilizing technology to connect with and keep track of commercial mortgage leads. Whether you’re looking to reach sources or borrowers, your website, email and social media are all wonderful tools to help you build the relationships necessary to close commercial mortgages and increase your income.


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