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Networking Tips for Mortgage Professionals

Commercial Mortgage
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October 10, 2013

There are many ways to develop business relationships from your office, such as phone calls, emails, and social media posts. However, it’s a good idea to host the occasional networking event for your clients and experience some face-to-face interaction with the people you do business with.

An important component of these networking events is often a presentation about your company and what it can do to help your clients. A good presentation should be interesting and informative, which is often easier said than done. Here are some networking tips for a presentation that will hold your audience’s attention:

  • Practice. This step should take place pre-presentation, and it’s important. Most people are not all that comfortable with public speaking, and have a tendency to get nervous once they’re the center of attention. Practicing your presentation until you’re comfortable with the material is a good way to combat nerves.
  • Choose a visual aid. If you’re presenting to a group, it’s important to include a visual aid. Generally, a Powerpoint presentation is a great idea, but you may want to consider other options like handouts or a video depending on the nature of your presentation. If you do choose a Powerpoint, be sure to avoid word clutter. Use bullet points and key word or short phrases, or your audience will likely end up reading the slides instead of listening to what you are saying.
  • Establish credibility. Introduce yourself at the start of your presentation. Tell your audience a little about your position at your company, and let them know how long you’ve been involved in the business. This lets your clients know that you are experienced, competent, and – most importantly – worth listening to.
  • Get to know your audience. Let your clients introduce themselves to you and to each other, if the size of the audience permits. It’s certainly important to give your clients the information in your presentation, but it’s also a great idea to let them get to know each other.
  • Let your audience engage. If your clients have questions, let them ask. If you’re dealing with a very large group, it’s usually a good idea to wait until the presentation is complete before accepting questions. However, if you’re dealing with a smaller group, allowing your clients to ask questions throughout the presentation can foster a helpful dialogue within the group.

A good presentation takes time, thought and effort, but these simple networking tips will help you to create a presentation that will keep your audience engaged.

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