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APEX Guides Brokers Through the Commercial Mortgage Process

Commercial Mortgage
Posted on 
September 20, 2016

Brokers looking to begin closing small-balance commercial mortgages need to consider carefully the lender they choose to work with. It’s important to find a lender who understands the needs of commercial brokers and will work closely with them in order to close more loans and help to further develop their skills. At APEX, we value our brokers, which is why we’re prepared to guide them through the process of closing commercial mortgages.

Here’s what APEX Mortgage can offer you:

We offer educational resources.

Our brokers are a major component of our success, so APEX is committed to making sure that they understand the industry and the ins and outs of closing commercial mortgages. Our blog posts aim to educate brokers about commercial mortgages as well as let them know what’s going on in the business. We also have a dedicated staff that is happy to answer any questions you might have.

We get you the answers you need fast.

APEX understands that for our brokers, time is money. That’s why we issue pre-approval of the qualifying commercial mortgages you submit within 48 hours of receiving the application. At APEX, we understand that a quick no is better than waiting to hear that a lender can’t finance your borrower’s request.

We have a dedicated team to assist in closing your loan.

If your borrower does qualify for an APEX mortgage, your commercial account executive, an underwriter and a processor will work to get the deal done for you. Because APEX handles the underwriting, processing and closing of the loan, you’re free to continue looking for more business.

APEX knows the worth of our brokers, which is why we do our best to educate them about the industry and answer all of their questions. Additionally, we’re committed to providing information about your loans in progress quickly, and our experienced team is dedicated to closing the commercial mortgages you submit. Don’t settle for a lender who isn’t willing to help you achieve your potential and earn more closing these loans; call APEX today.


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