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The Power of Stories in the Commercial Mortgage Industry

Commercial Mortgage
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August 14, 2020

For as long as people have been communicating with one another, we have been telling stories. Stories help us learn new information, get our points across, and connect with one another. As a commercial mortgage broker, it’s important that you develop your skills as both a storyteller and as a listener.

You are telling stories when you market your products and services, discuss your recent closings on social media, or work on a deal with a lender; they should be well-told and engaging. And when a borrower comes to you seeking financing, they are telling you their story; you should be an active listener so that you can do their story justice when the time comes to select a commercial mortgage lender.

Below is a selection of some of our blogs dedicated to helping mortgage brokers learn more about how to tell effective stories that drive leads, build relationships, and get deals done.

Marketing Small-Balance Commercial Mortgage with Storytelling

The power of good storytelling should never be underestimated when marketing small-balance commercial mortgages. Your borrowers and referral sources might find tip sheets helpful, but telling stories about your successful deals is a great way to both educate your borrowers about the process of obtaining a loan and make sure they remember what you can offer.  Click here to learn about the elements you’ll need to craft an engaging story.

How a Story Lender Can Help You Close More Commercial Mortgages

If you are new to the niche, helping a borrower obtain a small-balance commercial mortgage can seem difficult, especially if they are unable to qualify for a bank loan. However, it doesn’t have to be tough to close these loans. There are small-balance commercial lenders who are willing to consider the specifics of your borrower’s unique situation and develop a lending solution based on their needs. Click here to read more about why every commercial mortgage broker should build a relationship with a story lender.

The Value of Your Commercial Mortgage Borrower’s Story

Working with small-balance commercial mortgage lenders is a great opportunity for brokers to increase their business and income. However, in order to succeed to succeed in this niche, it’s important to develop your skills as a storyteller. Because non-conforming lenders aren’t subject to the same regulations as banks and other traditional lending sources, your borrowers’ stories are important to them when underwriting a deal. Click here to learn about the information you’ll need to collect to tell your commercial mortgage borrower’s story.


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