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Three Resolutions Every Commercial Mortgage Broker Should Make

Commercial Mortgage
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January 6, 2015

Although 2015 has already begun, it’s not too late to make a few New Year’s resolutions for your brokering business. As a commercial mortgage broker, it’s important to focus on improving your company in an effort to close more loans and earn additional income. Here are some resolutions that will help you to have a prosperous 2015:

Expand your product offerings

If you’re a commercial mortgage broker who only focuses on larger commercial properties, you’re missing out on opportunities to close more loans. Expanding your product line to include small-balance commercial mortgages is a great way to provide loans to an underserved and growing market, as well as earning extra income. If you decide to expand your offerings, be sure to get in touch with small commercial mortgage lenders who can get your loans closed.

Keep up with industry news

Brokers need to stay informed about what’s going on in the world of commercial mortgages. Be sure to read industry trade publications and blogs about the business of closing commercial mortgages. It can also be helpful to join forums or social networking groups in order to interact with other commercial mortgage brokers and to learn about their experiences. All of this will help you to become a better broker.

Improve your marketing

A great way to attract new business is through effectively marketing your product. Make sure you plan out a strategy for the coming year. Focus on your strengths, and don’t be afraid to try new things, like starting your own company blog or newsletter.

The commercial mortgage market has rebounded nicely in the past few years, and 2015 looks to be a good year for the industry. In order to share in this success, it’s important to make the effort to improve yourself and your business in order to serve your borrowers and close more loans. Expanding your offerings, staying up to date on industry news and focusing on your marketing efforts are all great starting points that will aid in a successful New Year for your business.


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