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Tips for Small Businesses Getting A Mortgage

Commercial Mortgage
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January 28, 2021

Small business owners and commercial property investors looking to finance their properties have many things to consider, especially if they are unable to go to a bank. It’s important for borrowers to understand what their options are, how to leverage those options, and how to protect themselves when seeking financing.

Below is a selection of some of our blogs dedicated to helping borrowers learn more about small-balance commercial mortgages, how to avoid predatory lenders, and marketing opportunities related to obtaining a loan for your business.

Unable To Qualify for a Bank Loan? You Have Other Commercial Mortgage Options!

Small business owners and commercial property investors all have goals they’d like to accomplish, and this often means they need a commercial mortgage. However, many commercial property owners are unable to qualify for a bank loan for any number of reasons.

Whether you’re dealing with past credit issues, an inability to verify your income to a bank’s satisfaction, or simply need a commercial mortgage faster than a bank can provide, small-balance commercial lenders are a great resource for non-bankable borrowers. These lenders understand small business owners and commercial property investors, as well as the unique challenges that they face. Click here to read about about how lenders like APEX can help or call us at 877-604-5304.

How Commercial Mortgage Borrowers Can Avoid Predatory Lenders

Many small business owners and commercial property investors are turned down by their banks for commercial mortgages. It’s a fact of life for many people, but many borrowers aren’t prepared for this. If they are unfamiliar with alternative commercial financing, this leaves them potentially vulnerable to predatory lenders. If you’re a borrower seeking a commercial mortgage, and you’ve been turned down by the bank, it’s important to be aware of this when seeking financing elsewhere. Click here to learn more.

Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses Getting A Commercial Mortgage

Obtaining a small-balance commercial mortgage is a great opportunity for small business owners and commercial property investors to accomplish their goals, but it’s also a chance for you to refresh your marketing message.

Depending on the reason you’ve chosen to apply for commercial financing, it could be a great time to touch base with your customers or tenants and let them know about how your business is improving and growing to better serve them. Click here to read more about marketing ideas for your business.


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